Sunday, February 25, 2007


Summer's Time

Why? Just… why? I don’t understand how it is simply acceptable to use the toilet when someone is already in there bathing… and while I’m at it, why aren’t you two in the house? There are three bathrooms in there and you two are still out here… whatever, there is no good reason, just leave Summer’s bathroom alone and get in the house. Please and thank you.

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Nice to see you finally smiling, Fall.
Fall: Hmmm?
Heh, nothing Fall, go back to your happy thoughts.

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Spring: It’s great being in the house again. I really missed you.
Shaunna: Spring, are you still going to be a gentleman, or are you going to finally make your move?
Spring: Move? I just got back in the house!

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Bow chica bow wow!

She missed you too, Spring…

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Sweet! So far you’ve totally lived up to your end of the bargain.
Shaunna: So far? What do you mean “So far…”?
What? Oh nothing… just thinking out loud is all.
Shaunna: Uh huh, I know you too well, you’re up to something.

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Shaunna to the plant: So we have seasons now, and we won’t simply have sunshine all the time. This means I will have to work extra hard to keep all of you safe and thriving.
What in the world?
Shaunna: Oh he’s just looking at one of the doodads we put out here. He is constantly entertaining himself viewing them. He’s so easy to please.
Aren’t most men? Heh, I made a funny.
Spring: You would think so…

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Shaunna: So what is this I’m making?
Its called “Beauty Cocktail”, I want to see its affects.
Shaunna: Great, so now I’m a guinea pig?
Aren’t all test subjects?

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Shaunna: It’s green and smells funny… but tastes okay.

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Shaunna: Well?
Huh, disappointed… you have created the love potion… oh well, no harm no foul.

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So all the food is now sparkling, not just the fish. Spring made macaroni because Summer rolled up a want to eat some.
Spring: Wait, that’s who I made this for? He’s stuck outside… don’t tell me you’re going to let him in to eat this… that isn’t exactly fair after Winter slept in the snow and…
Chill out, just put away the leftovers and he can take it out of the fridge out there. He doesn’t have a stove since you kept burning everything through spring.

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These two may be only a 2 bolt couple, but they sure act as if they’re a 3. It’s quite endearing… Oh sorry, um guys break it up. I want to run a quick test and need your help.

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See? Not all of my tests are cruel and unusual punishment… if you two would be so kind as to… well you know…
Fall: Are you going to watch this too?

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Summer: We don’t mind, we’re use to you already… my hearts racing… Oh my Gods, I’m so excited!
Okay, so… test results are in, woohoo outside does not cause them to overheat… sleeping in the bed for prolonged hours on the other hand…

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Wake up Summer, you’re overheating… trust me, this is for your own good… brace yourself mister.

*g* I love these guys.

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Okay so I got bored with the fish and they have so much food I have yet to order groceries. Unfortunately the guys get heated up after a while and it takes a bit to cool them off. Anyhow, I lost interest… as I mentioned before, I am so not in to fishing. Thanks Winter, you’ve been a real sport… he did manage to get a silver badge.

Sweet! Hold on Shaunna, I gotta get a picture!
Shaunna: *cough* What? Hold what? *cough, cough*

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Shaunna: Something’s *cough* wrong! *cough, cough* I feel… weird.

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Wow, we did it! We did it!!
Shaunna: Oh hells, you did this to me? I should have known.
Well geez, you’ve already thrown a wrench in to my killing off the guys. I have to have some surprises left don’t I?

Shaunna: Uh, my hair?
Yeah, it’s a plant thing…it’s pretty cute actually…not too crazy about the outfit… but we can change that later…

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You are now one with nature… I’m so jazzed! So um, what is with the spores of happiness?

Shaunna: You mean this? I haven’t a clue! You really should have bought a book.
Yeah, yeah, whatever… go take a shower, I’ll meet you inside.
Shaunna: Do I stink again?
No, you’re a plantsim now and you need water… just go. I have one more test for you.
Shaunna: Oh great *rolling eyes*
Don’t you roll your eyes at me! I can still send you away and you’ll never see Spring again. Geez, when did I become their mother?!

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How did I know? Maybe it was the first plant you had simme care for...but something told me you were up to no good! LOL! Just kidding, I love being a plant sim!

And what is up with the sparkling Mac and Cheese? Prolly just cause you have so many fish in the fridge Spring had no choice but to add some! Ha!
Fantastic! I love the plantsims they are so easy to play.
Sparkly mac and cheese is from any fresh veggies or fish.
Congrats on another great update.
LOL YAY Your first PlantSim ala Shaunna - way to go!
Yeah a plant sim! MAKE A SPORE BABY!!!! WOO-HOO!! Great job!
I agree on the bathroom thing.
Yay PLant Sim!!!!! Can't wait to learn more
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