Saturday, February 24, 2007


Summer Page 2

We’re going to have a spore baby!
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Shaunna: Oh this is weird… these things are coming out of my head again… it tickles *giggling*
Shaunna: Lily? Why Lily?
My son named her…
Shaunna: Why not Daisy?
Funny you should say that…my daughter asked the same question.
Shaunna: And?
*shrug* I dunno!
Shaunna: Gosh so now I’m not just a sim, I’m a plantsim and now I’m a mom…
He still loves you…
Shaunna: What? Oh of course he does… he does? Really?

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Yup, he sure does…

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Summer: Grace, get off the couch… shoo you stupid dog! I’m sleepy and I have to sleep on the couch to endure another of her tests!
He still overheats on the couch… although it is easier to get him up to cool off before allowing him to sleep again.

That scowl Lily has reminds me of a certain Jensik Tomcia from Cedar Park…

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Spring! Pick up the baby and take her in the house… that isn’t rain, its hail! Oh for goodness sakes, the doors are locked she can’t go in alone. Pick her up! Ugh, sims!

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Without prompting from me, Winter has taken it upon himself to ensure Lily has enough water and love. She plays out in the green room during the day and under a sunlamp at night.
Winter: Is that better? Don’t you worry, my little Lily girl, Winter is here for you.
Aw, he’s going to make a great daddy someday. That reminds me, we haven’t called your mail lady since that first night.

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Good morning Summer… it seems you still have a certain glow about you… odd since its been days.
Summer: Heh, yeah… Fall rocks my world.
Right… um, focus Summer you slept too long and now you’re over heating… go shower and see if that helps…

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Nope, the shower didn’t help. So I sent him off to the pool. That did the trick! But I was thinking… if it’s a new challenge sim, they wont have money for a pool… so…

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This time I tried snack / juice… it didn’t help… at least not for a long while. I mean, he really had to sit there for a while to cool off. I started to panic, so he went back in the pool.

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This time we tried the lemonade from the juicer. It helped about as much as the snack/juice did… only this time I didn’t let his temperature get too high cause it’s the last day of summer. What’s that commotion? Summer, Fall stay here… I’ll be right back.

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Its Lily’s birthday and I love how we have leaves falling instead of confetti, rather fitting! She’s a fortune sim and her LTW is to be a lawyer.

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And she still has the Tomcia eyebrows *giggle* Oh how I hate that dress. Go over to the rack will ya… I have a dress that will be perfect for you. I got it for your mom, but it blended with her skin tone too much and will be perfect for you.

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Funny… I wanted Lily to go out back to take over care of the plants… she still won't go outside. She stops at the door, as if she knows she can’t get back in if she goes out there.

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I put the greenhouse door to only allow her entry so she is outside communing with her plants.

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Okay guys, its time to switch… I can’t leave you two alone for minute…

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Another season behind us… its time for Autumn… welcome to the lawn, Fall.

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Fall: Go inside and cool off, it’s my turn. Don’t look so worried, I’ll be fine.
Summer: I just have a bad feeling, Fall…

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Awww, my little Lilly is all grown up! And I too think the leaves for the transition are quite fitting.

And what's this? A bad feeling? Oh no...again I am left on the edge of my seat. Humph...guess I will have to be patient.

Great update...BTW I found that if a child jumps on the bed for too long they overheat! And that water from the sink is pretty effective for cooling them down.
Congrats o Lily becoming a big girl.
Why do I get the feeling that Fall is deep trouble?
What are you up to with him?
It seems you had some trouble cooling Summer off. Drinking water does the trick, I've discovered.
Yeah! Spore baby!!! Too cool! I've enjoyed playing with them also. :) Time for fall.
I'm getting a bad feeling. Was that foreshadwoing?

Loved this one too. A spored plant toddler! Too cute! Man they grow up fast
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