Friday, February 23, 2007


Fall's Time

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Woah there, are you okay, Fall? You don't have to skate long, I just wanted to see…
Fall: Yup, just a bit tender… gimme a second.

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Okay that is so cool, I like the way the twirly leaves go around the skill bar… later I had to send Winter out for a few minutes just to see if it worked on badge skills as well and yup, they sure do! Okay thanks Fall, you can stop now. It's still too hot for you to be skating… you're really heating up… how about a nice cool dip in the pool?

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Hey Summer, whatcha doin'?
Summer: Finding a job.
A job? Why? I just motherlodeded your house again last night.
Summer: Maybe because you told me to?
Right… about that… never mind, just I dunno write a novel or something to keep your mind off of Fall right now. He's going to be a bit busy. Like you were… well not exactly like you were. *g*

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Winter: Heya Lily, good morning! How's my girl?
Lily: *sigh* He's so dreamy…
What? Wait a tick, he's like your surrogate father and he's too old for you… wait, I turned the aging back off once you transitioned… he's really not that much older than you… huh…

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Lily talking to tree: I want to thank you for the fruit, it helped my aspiration… you see, I'm a fortune sim and seeing how I'm not working I needed to earn some money. By selling your mouthwatering apples, I was able to achieve the 'earn simoleans'…
I find that once you harvest the trees, they go back to yellow healthy. By having Lily talk to them, they're back to thriving in no time and as soon as they are she stops talking to them.

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Fall what in the nine hells are you doing?
Fall: I don't feel so well… Gods it's so hot…
Please, hurry off the skating rink and back in to the pool, you are fully glowy red and I'm scared.
Fall: It's just so hot…
Thankfully he did manage to get back in the pool and after a long, long agonizing time, his temperature finally went down. I thought for sure I was going to lose him.

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Shuanna: Thank you for coming on such short notice.
Hey, isn't that the Garden Club lady you got a rave review from when you joined?

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Shaunna: Yes, just the one bottle thanks. I won't be playing with any more insecticides. Yes, the lady bugs are doing their job nicely. Good-bye and thanks again.

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So um, what gives? Are you sure this is what you want?
Shaunna: Yes, you only wanted a spore baby and now you have Lily. I want my life with Spring, so this is what I want to do.
You are right, you have fully done what I was hoping you’d accomplish… you’ve earned your life with Spring. Have at it.

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Shaunna: You know, this stuff is weird looking… it better work, I don't want to live the rest of my simlife like this… I forgot how beautiful my downloaded hair looked.
What? Downloaded hair? You don't talk like that… are you going through Zoe withdrawals.
Shaunna: Aren't we all?
Just drink it!

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Shaunna: Am I me again?
Technically you were never not you, so you are… well, you're you.
Shaunna: Ugh, you know what I mean.
Welcome back. You're as lovely as always. Spring is inside… I'm sure he's wondering where you disappeared to.

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Spring: Hey you're back to you! What happened, you look great with your downloaded hair.
What? Again with downloaded hair? You can't be going through Zoe withdrawals, you haven't been around long enough to know who Zoe is!
Spring: What is she going on about now?
Shaunna: Ignore her and kiss me.

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Spring: I'll do you one better…
Shaunna: Oh its so sparkley!

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Lily: *sigh* He loves me… he loves me not… he loves me… he loves me not… he loves me…

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Summer, focus… his eyes are up higher… simmen are such dogs… at least its good to know it isn’t them just staring at a simwoman’s chest.
Fall: What’s on your mind, Summer?
Summer: You… you’re always on my mind. I miss you and wanted to see how you are holding up out here.
Fall: We had a close call earlier, I skated when I should have been swimming.
Summer: Is that why she is taking the skating rink away?
Fall: Yup, she is moving the pond and buying us a car finally.
Summer: I told you I had a bad feeling… I’m so glad you’re okay. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you.

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Fall what are you drinking? Is that hot cocoa? You’re temperature is going up!
Fall: I’m sleepy, so I thought the caffeine would help.
*rolling eyes* If you’re sleepy take a nap!

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Fall: *yawn* Okay… just for a minute…*zzzzz*
I’m telling you this man is testing my patience and he’s being more difficult than the other 3 combined!

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Winter: So how ya been? … yeah? …well that’s great news. Me? Well I met someone new… no, no… well, maybe… I haven’t decided… I know it was… so you’re okay with this… nice talking with you again, too. Take care!

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First of all, Fall with no shirt? Hubba hubba! I was dying of laughter over my Dl'd hair (and Zoe reffrence). It does make sim me what she is. She was a cute plant sim, don't get me wrong, but I have never been one for short hair *g*.

Can't wait to see if Winter and Lilly get together *clicks on page 2*.
This was just too funny. Those guys are something else.
I am so glad you saved Fall. he looks to good to burn.
I'm kind of worried about how difficult it is to keep the sims cool. did you try drinking water from the tap?

this is as entertaining as Zoe. Too bad you have to kill them off.
(reply to My Boaz's Ruth)

Holy cow, that has got to be the hugest compliment I've ever gotten! Thanks!
I am not a peeping tom!

Ahem. Okay, well, I'm glad Summer did so well, although you gotta wonder what he would've done without the pool... Let's hope Fall pulls through as well.

Plant Shaunna? Awww, and a baby! Lily wants to be a winter lily? Tsk tsk.
now i'm at the point where i'm like "SOMEBODY FRICKIN DIE ALREADY" so i was kinda deppressed when fall didn't...
I'm getting nervous for Fall. Stop scaring me.
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