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Spring page 3

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I’ve decided its time to call the garden club. Why not, I need to experience everything at least once… So let’s see what happens shall we? I’ve heard rumor its like the headmaster visit so I’ve gussied up the yard and am ready to give a tour.

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Only there is no need for a tour. They walk around the property and inspect things… and only the elderly lady made any comments… thankfully all positive ones.

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Just in case I had Shaunna follow them around… ironically the lady commented about a few of the same plants.

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In the end she is a full fledged member and we have a wishing well… what to wish for first…

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Okay Winter, what do you want to wish for? Looking at his wants, its easy to figure out what he wants… and…

And boy howdy did he get his wish! Instant love with a three bolt attraction… and she greeted him with a kiss and after one admire they’re best friends. I’m afraid to see what would happen if you’re not in gold or platinum when you wished!

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I’m not sure what is going on with Summer. He isn’t his usual jovial self. Makes you wonder what goes on in their simminds and if they know what is ahead for them. Odd place for him to ‘rest’ since his bed is open…
Summer: I just need to think is all… and I’m happier here next to Fall. He’s my best friend and… you wouldn’t understand. You plan to kill us off anyhow.
Wait, wait… are you talking to me?
Summer: Yes, I’ve been hearing you for some time now and I’m trying to think over here.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Summer: Its Fall, he’s… well he is something special and I don’t think he feels the same way. I feel as if I need to do something desperate. Hells, even Winter has a love interest now. No, I don’t want to wish for a love like he did… I want… well my heart wants what it wants…
If it helps, I peeked and he likes custom hair…

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Nice look Summer, I like it… its very handsome. Glad you agreed to stay with the red hair, it really suits you.
Summer: You’re rambling… I do look pretty good though. Thanks for helping me pick it out. I think I’m going to be sick… excuse me.
It’s nerves… Summer?

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*knocking* Oops, bad timing…
Fall: It’s okay… I’m just thinking… I do my best thinking in a bubble bath, its relaxing.
Huh, so you do hear me… I thought as much when you jumped out of bed so suddenly…
Fall: Uh, yeah… I wont lie… it scared me. I have always been fond of Summer, you know, you were probably watching when we first spoke.
Yes you admired him immediately.
Fall: *chuckles* Yeah… he really is something… did he change his hair for me… really?
He did, and he looks quite handsome… I’m not sure what you’re going to do Fall, he likes make-up.
Fall: Heh, that’s easy… I’m all over it. Gods I love a good bubble bath… now if you’ll excuse me I would like to get out… the water is getting cold… or you can stay… its not as if you haven’t seen…
Heh, oops again… *leaving quickly* busted!

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Hey Fall, um… so… *blink blink* Do you have mascara on?
Fall: If Summer wants make-up, he gets make-up.
It isn’t that noticeable, you’re still ruggedly handsome.
Fall: Let’s just hope Summer agrees.

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Fall: Summer, I love the new look… damn man, you… wow.
Summer: You noticed!

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Summer: You… Fall, you put on eyeliner?
Fall: For you man, all for you… anything for you.

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Great! Now I have all of my sims in love… what about my scientific test? What am I suppose to do now? Oh sure, how convenient that now you don’t hear me!
Summer: I hear you and I don’t care. I know Fall loves me and now I can face whatever you have in store for me. Is it time? I’ll just unclaim my door for Spring.

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This is getting so complicated…

3rd Season - Summer >>

OMG...OMG! This is quite the little Melrose Place of romance and drama. And I can't get enough! ROFL!

Summer and Fall!? What a great couple. They look good together...can't wait to see where this relationship takes them!!

Honestly, I don't know how you do it... :)
Wow this expieriment of yours has taken a life on it's own.
Everybody now has a love, Shaunna has her wishing well and lots of fishing - kewl! :)
Congrats on the wishing well and the new loves. I am so happy for everyone. Now they all get to live.
Hehehe well it started out scientific at first...but these guys (and gal) are too good lookin' to leave alone..hehehe

Oh shall we call you Ruby the Author..??
Oh look, a wishing well! I need to get me one of those. I've heard fun stories about what happens if you use it too much...

Awww, twu wuv! :D Summer and Fall are reallly cute together.

What aspirations are these guys, anyway? Was it hard to keep their moods up?
Kill them.

Kill them all!

(Boy I sure wish I knew about the wishing well and loves thing, um. The beginning of this weekend)
You got a wishing well just from being a member of the garden club? How did you do that? Does it appear somewhere that you can buy it or something? *Is seriously confused here*

Great job on the story, by the way. Love it. And it's very helpfull to know that, yes, they can survive on the lawn. *Grins*
Fall and summer are so cute! Oh boy a wishing well. I still need to get one of those. I guess I need to call the gardening club though.
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