Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Spring page 2

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Spring has sprung and its bug time, keep spraying Shaunna, get 'em all *scheming mind reeling*

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Why yes, its rain… silly sim, get out of the rain before the lightening strikes!

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Winter, you never looked so happy before. It must be the coziness of being indoors and not stuck out in the rain.

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Oops lightening has struck one of the garden ornaments… well it is made of rock and metal, so no big surprise I suppose except that it missed the trees and went for that instead.

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Careful Shaunna, don’t get burned! I wonder if that will harm the plants… save the plants Shaunna, save the plants! Whew, you stink, go shower. Um I mean, good job saving the plants. *waving hand in front of face, holding nose*

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What in the world? Oh wow nice shot! I saw Shaunna go to do the ‘It’s raining’ thing again and I also noticed Winter was splashing in the puddles so I paused for a picture and what do I see? Oh yeah, that was a close call!

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So its raining and Spring is crashed out in the bed… I wonder how safe he is under there and if he’s getting wet like the snow still covers everything…

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Nope! You go under here and it looks like it stopped raining. Well this is a good sign, at least the roof works for rain.

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Hey you got the butterflies for me!
Spring: Think Shaunna will like them? They’re awfully pretty.

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No, she’s pretty in to this nature kick right now… I think you should let them go.
Spring: That’s a good point, they’ll just die in the morning like the fireflies did. Fly butterflies, fly and be free!

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Things are heating up with these two. They both needed some aspiration points, so I let them have a date… and things really heated up… no I don’t mean to say they Woohoo’d, I mean they both over heated and I had to cool them off in the pool! Weird, front yard dates now lead to overheating… seriously, I tested it again and it happened again. Even a date in the house ended up over heating the couple. I wonder why… I’m sure someone with a book could tell me. *ahem*

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What? No way!! Dates can over heat you...LSHICB!!! What will Maxis think of next?

Phew I was worried for a minute that we were going to lose poor Winter. NICE pic tho!

I am on the edge of my seat...when I go on to page 3...I wonder what I will find??!!
Careful with those dates. They can be dangerous now.
Do you really need to know why a date makes you hot? LMBO!
Nice shot indeed! I like the lightning... Didn't think I would, but I do. I had a fruit tree get hit, but the fire was easily put out, and the tree didn't seem harmed.

I guess making out really is hot, hot, hot, like the memories say! ;)
All Romantic interaction heat up your sims, whether they are instead or outside. Nice lightning picture!!!!
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